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Crowdfunding for Avishi's Treatment

Help Avishi survive Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI

Treatment Cost: Rs. 1.94 crores / $2,90,000  |  Avishi needs your help - Donate Online

Avishi (4.5 yrs old now) has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder MPS Type VI - a gradually progressing, debilitating & life-threatening disease. If left untreated, the child's expected life span would be age 20 to 25 years only with deteriorating body condition every year. She needs urgent & specialized medical treatment.

Unfortunately she cannot receive treatment for this rare disease in our country - India, as there are no expert medical centers with experience, cutting-edge technology and research for MPS. We need to quickly move her to UMC Utrecht (Netherlands) for required treatment. The cost for same at United States is way more expensive.

Your donations will go towards easing the burden of Avishi's treatment, medical care and incidental costs associated with a long stay away from home over the next several months. We need to act very quickly as the count goes in days. During this difficult journey, your prayers and support will make a lot of difference.

"We look forward to seeing Avishi grow up normally, run around with the wind in her hair, dance with her parents at her wedding and enjoy everything that life can offer."

MPS Story

This is a story of a little bean, and a story of a little group of people.

Summer has come. Beans fall on to the soil in the garden, waiting to grow up. Just like everyone else, Beanie works hard everyday.  She eats.  She sunbathes.  She exercises.

And she dreams of growing up, as every other bean does. But she doesn’t grow much taller…
"No growing, life is ending...” is the doctor's prophecy to her.


This is usually the beginning of the story for Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) patients. Like other rare genetic diseases, this disease is hard to diagnose prior to pregnancy, and medical treatment is extremely & prohibitively costly. Many patients and parents are exhausted.

Is this a joke of their genes? Is this a test of resolve imposed by destiny?
"They have small bodies, but their dreams are big, and they never give up moving forward."

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Your donations will go towards easing the burden of Avishi's treatment, medical care and incidental costs associated with it.